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Month: March 2018

Gold Buy @ 1329-1325

Substantial drop in the price of gold today. However, we use current levels for tactical short-term BUY @ 1329 ( we use market order now ) and additional BUY LIMIT @ 1325. […]

Nasdaq Index Sell at market

From current levels I expect correction down, so sell at market ( currently around 6822 ) and another Sell Limit @ 6931.  Place reasonable stops risking eventually affordable amount per […]

Bitcoin in retreat but support nearby

No matter what you trade, dynamic support and resistance model shows pretty accurate “price field” and major levels. Bitcoin is no exception – check below daily chart. We expect price […]

Gold. Break-out finally ?

Area of 1360-1370 is a long-term resistance area for gold bugs. Now, with the raising inflation and interest rates and potential for a serious stock market correction, all eyes on […]


FB woes are not over yet but undoubtedly this price action creates a nice investment opportunity. Start accumulating position on the support levels – and as you can see from […]

SP500 Buy Limit @ 2545

After a sharp market decline I expect short-term price bounce early next week. Place Buy Limit @ 2545. Taking profit at around 2490. After order is triggered, move stops to […]