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Month: November 2018

DAX index – double bottom formed

Monday risk-on sentiment is intact in anticipation of US markets open. DAX index as well as overall European equities markets maintain gains with Italy demonstrating  signs of compromise with the […]

Oil price charts: bounce is likely now

Oil prices are down almost 25 percent from their highs reached in early October, followed by huge sell-off. Prices attempted to recover last week but another selling rout this week […]

GBPUSD: Brexit what?

It’s all about Brexit  agenda again for the pound all these days and we have witnessed some rally due to positive news (or imitations of those ?). In any case, […]

Nasdaq index price action -what now?

Last week  NASDAQ index rally attempt stalled at 7230  area and reversed in Thursday and Friday. It is not a good sign for bulls but if we  carefully examine daily chart, we […]

DAX index – still struggling to rally

I keep repeating that I do not believe in sudden surge of stock markets after U.S. midterms. None of the fundamental reasons that sparked the stock sell-off in October have […]

SP500 – all eyes on mid-terms

Last week stock markets optimism suddenly reversed on Friday  after jobs and wage report.  It was combination of Trump’s encouragement tweets gone futile and no confirmed deal with Chinese. Whatever […]

Nasdaq index – is correction over?

Last days’ risk-on mood encouraged by Trump’s tweets translated some renewed optimism to markets. Many traders would like to believe the correction is over. October proved again to be damned […]