About me

Dear Readers,

I’ve been working  for many years in the infrastructure projects development at Mitsui & Co. Ltd (Japan). In 2012 I decided to switch to the financial industry and took up Senior Management position at CEE division of Saxo Bank (Denmark). Trading knowledge and experience I’ve got is indeed invaluable.

I am very passionate about trading and financial markets. I thought it would be a good idea to start a personal trading blog to share my knowledge and help others to make sense of market information. After all, I had spent many years doing just that and I am an expert  with extensive practical experience and in-depth market knowledge.

As an investment banker I supervised accounts of thousands of retail and corporate clients. Technical traders and fundamentalist gurus, day traders and long-term investors, option strategists and forex scalpers – I’ve seen them all. It is an absolutely enlightening experience to monitor clients performance and trading strategies day in and day out for years. It added up tremendously to my own trading knowledge and skills.

The goal of this blog is  to get you motivated and excited about learning the practical trading. I do hope that this blog will be really helpful to achieve your learning goals.

Wish you happy and profitable trades !

Fuad Karimov

15 years in equity, fixed income, derivatives and FX trading. Professional knowledge of financial markets, brokerage industry and multi-asset trading platforms.
Author of highly popular trading and risk management seminars.

Project financing/management and Banking professional.
Mitsui & Co Ltd (Japan), Saxo Bank (Denmark).

Ph: +357 9983 7305
Email: f.karimov@gmail.com