Price model

You have probably noticed these strangely looking charts in my blog. They reminds some sort of 3D-visualization of time-varying physical fields. These charts represent price space topology and it is a very powerful yet simple math method behind – essentially moving averages.  This method allows me to analyze price action and predict its further dynamics with certain accuracy.


USDJPY chart

I named it Dynamic Support Resistance Levels model (DSRL). I do not publish the model in its entirety, some proprietary indicators and concepts are not for public access.

I have to warn though – my market views that I sometimes publish in this blog are very time-frame specific. What looks like a range or jigsaw on one time frame is certainly a solid trend on the other. So, it is a very important concept to take  into consideration – whether you are an intraday player  or long-term position trader. Also, trading is never meant to be a precise science and of course, every support or resistance cluster is never  rock solid –  it sustains and then at some time it will be broken. Therefore, money management and stops are always the essential part of any trading strategy – let me  repeat it again and again.